• Royal LePage Petite Fondo

    Royal LePage offices across Canada raise funds every year for the Royal LePage Shelter Foundation – our own charity that pays forward the funds to the local women’s shelter – Lilli House here in the Comox Valley. We combined cycling and fundraising to create this amazing one day event. You will be treated to a delightful pre-ride snack, wine tasting at three local wineries on route with live entertainment, and it all finishes up with a BBQ at Royal LePage in the Comox Valley’s office.

  • Royal LePage Snow To Surf Relay Race

    The Royal LePage Snow to Surf is not just a race. Since 1982, this iconic multisport extravaganza has encouraged participation and healthy lifestyles through experiencing the great outdoors. Sparked from a passion for activity and for sharing the stunning scenery of the Comox Valley, the dedication of our members has established this event as a deep-rooted community occasion.

    42 years running, it has not only become an exhilarating and unforgettable race, but a monumental community-building celebration that brings together hundreds of volunteers and spectators of all ages!

Royal LePage Comox Valley is renowned not only for its excellence in real estate but also for its steadfast commitment to community involvement. At the heart of our ethos lies a profound understanding that thriving communities are the cornerstone of successful neighborhoods and prosperous societies. Through a variety of initiatives and programs, Royal LePage Comox Valley agents actively engage with their communities, enriching lives and making a tangible difference.


A career in real estate sales can be an exciting, fast-paced, and financially rewarding profession! As a REALTOR you can be as successful as you want to be! At Royal LePage in the Comox Valley, we are focused on growth by building a team of professional and dedicated salespeople.

When hiring new agents, we build a relationship that is focused on your growth and development. We assess your skills and develop a strategy that will help leverage your strengths and overcome your challenges to position you for success.