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Comox Valley to Benefit from Enhanced Transportation Routes.

If you have aspirations of making 2024 the year that you finally ditch your car, we have excellent news! Following the approval of Comox’s Active Transportation Network Plan Strategy in 2023, getting around without a car could get a whole lot easier. The implementation strategy intends to construct active transportation paths to further connect real estate for sale in Comox Valley with the surrounding infrastructure. This will make it much simpler for residents to get to and from their daily destinations. In this article, we will be going over the details of this project and how it may be of benefit to your property value. Follow along below to learn more!

All About the New Active Transportation Paths in Comox Valley

The Comox Valley Regional District (CVRD) is planning to construct two new active transportation paths to connect communities in the Comox Valley. The project defines active transportation as any means of self-propelled transportation. For example, biking, walking, or rollerblading. The infrastructure for active transportation often comes in the form of a designated pathway, which is intended to provide a safe and accessible location for people to get from A to B. This could mean completing daily errands or ensuring a secure route for children to get to school. The CVRD has emphasized that this project is commuter-focused, not recreational. 

These two projects have sparked excitement in several residents as they will help foster a more connected community. Moreover, they will provide greener and more diverse options for citizens to get around. It should be noted that both pathways are still in the planning stages. However, they remain a top priority for the CVRD. The first pathway (Cumberland to Courtenay) will link the Village of Cumberland to the City of Courtenay. This is via a 4km long path. The second pathway, (Royston Road) will run from the waterfront Seaside Trail to Livingston Road near the elementary school. This is via a 725m long path. 

The CVRD intends to design the pathways so that they are accessible to all residents regardless of their age and ability. This means ensuring that the pathways can be used with various active transportation methods including wheelchairs and scooters. 

Currently, the estimated cost of the Royston Road pathway is between $600,000 and $2.2 million to complete. On the other hand, the Courtenay to Cumberland Connector (a much larger project) is expected to cost between $5.2 to $7.8 million. 

If grant applications are successful, the CVRD intends to begin construction later on in 2024. 

How Can This Improve Real Estate for Sale in Comox Valley

As a homeowner of real estate for sale in Comox Valley, you may be wondering how this project could benefit your property. To help you gain a better understanding of what this development could mean for you, we’ve outlined a few key points. 

To begin, the new active transportation paths could lead to a rise in overall property value. Oftentimes, homes situated near well-maintained and accessible transportation pathways attract buyers looking for convenient commuting options. The addition of these paths could lead to increased desirability, thus leading to higher selling prices. 

Further to this, implementing these paths is a big, positive change for the community. As such, it could result in more appeal from out-of-town buyers to relocate to the Comox Valley. Especially, for families who are looking for a well-connected area with a variety of transportation options. For those planning to sell their home, an influx of buyers could improve your ROI and shorten the days that your home is listed on the market. 

Another potential benefit for residential real estate is improved environmental conditions. With more people choosing to travel by bike or on foot, there will be less greenhouse gas emissions. In addition, there will be a decrease in traffic. Consequently, leading to quieter streets and less congestion for those who still travel by car. A greener environment also means cleaner air and improved quality of life. And, buyers who prioritize living in a sustainable environment may be more inclined to purchase a property near active transportation infrastructure. 

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