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Homes in Comox Valley Near Parks!

Homes in Comox Valley are right around the corner from some of the island’s greatest parks! The scenery in this little town is absolutely breathtaking. With the ocean bordering one side of the town, and dense forests bordering the other. Comox is a truly gorgeous place to call home. 

Last month we covered Miracle Beach Provincial Park – a resident favourite spot! Following that theme, we are going to be writing about another awesome outdoor park. MacDonald Wood Park has trails, a beach, and a community dedicated to the environment. If you’re a newcomer to Comox, this park is a must-see.

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MacDonald Wood Park is Close to Homes in Comox Valley!

Picture an afternoon of peacefully strolling through some of Comox’s biggest cedars. Sound good? We think so. MacDonald Wood Park is close to a variety of homes in Comox. Residents can find MacDonald Wood Park at 128 Croteau Rd. The Park is in close proximity to Marina Park, and Comox Golf Club. Residents living near these areas can walk, bike, or run to the Park for a scenic outdoor experience. 

Moreover, the Park was established in April of 1996 in order to protect and preserve the 3.6 hectares of beachfront forestland. Efforts to preserve the integrity of the park were done by the MacDonald Wood Park Society volunteer stewards (MWPS). To this day, people living in the area are encouraged to volunteer and help out with the park’s society. Furthermore, the Park was bought by the MacDonald Wood Park Society, the Town of Comox, and the province after their insistent effort.

The MacDonald Wood Park Society has many visions for the preservation and well-being of the park. They hope to maintain and upgrade the forest in every way they can while still protecting the salt marsh and First Nations midden. Additionally, they aspire to eliminate non-native species that could harm the Park. The MWPS recognizes how important a role this park plays in the Comox Park system. All members are aware of the biodiversity and sanctuary within the Forest. 

Homes in Comox Valley are lucky to be so close to such an incredible Park! The MWPS has fought hard to ensure that the Park remains in the public domain for all residents to experience. Visit MacDonald Wood Park for a day of passive recreation and a chance to see some of mother nature’s finest!

Getting Involved, The History & Other MWPS Projects!

If you are a lover of the outdoors and passionate about preserving nature, you can join the MacDonald Wood Park Society. This is an especially great idea for new residents of Comox to find their community and make friends. Help conserve older second-growth forest while living in homes in Comox Valley! New members can join by contributing $45 dollars one-time only to earn a lifelong membership. Also, this will present you with the opportunity to become a steward of the MWPS and the Fran Johnson Wildlife Sanctuary. 

The history of MacDonald Wood Park is extensive and rich. The MWPS has fought tirelessly to ensure the park didn’t get developed. In 1993, a company by the name of Noort Developments bought the land that MacDonald Wood Park now rests on. The company would’ve seen 140 new duplexes constructed on the land. The efforts of the MWPS prevented the construction of this development. They raised enough money with combined efforts from the province, the Town of Comox, and the Society to purchase the land back. Today the MWPS continues to look out for the well-being of the Park!

Since they’ve done such a good job preserving the integrity of MacDonald Wood Park, the MWPS members are now owners of another property. In January of 2019, the MWPS announced that their non-profit organization would now be working to manage and take care of the Fran Johnson Wildlife Sanctuary. This property is close to MacDonald Wood Park and the now 600+ members of the society hope to continue to protect the land and forests in Comox Valley! 

By visiting one of these Parks, you are supporting the cause the MWPS has fought so hard to conserve. Take a family trip and enjoy the trail networks and wildlife in the lush cedar forests.

Buy Homes in Comox Valley Today!

Homes in Comox Valley are so close to some of Canada’s most exceptional recreational sites. Houses in the area are just a hop, skip, and jump from some of the most stunning outdoor recreation sites. For more information on purchasing homes in Comox Valley, contact us today. We’d be happy to help you find the perfect property in this area. If you have any additional questions, don’t hesitate to reach out to one of our staff at RLP Comox. We look forward to working with you soon 🙂 Don’t forget to check out our social media here and check back next month for more park content!

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Parks Near Houses In Comox Valley!

Comox Valley has tons of parks and outdoor spaces for you to marvel at. The landscape here is unparalleled. From ocean views to luscious forests, the parks here are fairytale-like. Get outside when you purchase houses in Comox Valley! Whether that means hiking up a trail or lounging on the beach with a blanket. There’s an outdoor paradise for everyone in Comox, BC. If you’re new to Comox, we’ve compiled a list of the coolest outdoor parks to visit. Follow along each month as we go through some of our favourite parks in the area!

Houses in Comox Valley Are Close to The Ocean!

Do you want to spend your afternoon strolling along the oceanside? If so, take a visit to Miracle Beach Provincial Park. Located 22 Km North of Courtenay, this park used to be privately owned by a man named Mr. Frank Pottage. The BC government decided to buy 140 acres of land from Mr. Pottage in 1950. This marked the day Miracle Beach Provincial Park was founded. Over the years more people began donating land in the surrounding area. Eventually, the park reached a whopping 333 acres. Which, is its present size. 

The park has tons of awesome amenities! For instance, there are many large secluded campsites, a beautiful trail network, a gorgeous beach, a store, a super fun playground, showers with hot water, and finally, a picnic area with an ocean view.

This epic family park has 200 non-serviced campsites. All of which, are situated under a luscious, green forest. Visitors have access to three washroom buildings on-site. Plus, a shower building. In addition, those who are camping in trailers or RVs can empty their waste tanks and refill water at the sanitation station. There are clean water taps for tenters and day-use folk.

Houses in Comox Valley get you access to all kinds of activites!

There is an amphitheatre at Miracle Beach which usually hosts all sorts of fun summer events. From movie screenings to educational talks. Further, there is a store where you can purchase essential items, food, and drinks. In the fall, people can come to visit Black Creek to see the salmon spawn. Wild Coho are often seen here at this time of year. There is a viewing platform at the entrance of the park. People also find it very interesting to watch the various birds in the area.

One of the greatest parts of the park is the ocean. For example, if you catch it at the right time, the tide will allow you to discover all sorts of marine life. People can find everything from sand dollars, crabs, starfish, jellyfish, clams, mussels, flounders, shells, hermit crabs, and more! There are also lots of tidal pools that allow people to relax and check out the wildlife. 

Additionally, Miracle Beach has 2 km of trails. These are accessed from either the parking lots or campground areas. For animal lovers, there’s even a specific dog trail. These trails are truly something to admire. They snake through some of BC’s most highly regarded old-growth trees. 

Reservations and costs at Miracle Beach Provincial Park.

Those looking to plan a wedding at the beach can do so. The picnic shelter and seating area can be reserved for $50 per day. People have hosted everything from family reunions to weddings here. 

Group Camping sites are up-for-grabs at Miracle Beach. This area can be found a small distance from the main area. There are outhouses and tables available to group campers. Firewood and ice can be purchased at the Host Site. Importantly, It is advised that campers make reservations during peak season. Although, some lucky visitors might be able to secure a spot in July and August. Reservations for this park can be made for arrival dates between mid-May through Labour Day. It is $33 per party for each night and a $12 charge for a second vehicle per night. Furthermore, it is $13 for each party per night during the winter camping season.

Buy Houses in Comox Valley Now!

Houses in Comox Valley are so close to some of the best recreational sites in Canada. They boast proximity to the greatest outdoor playgrounds on the island. For more information on purchasing houses in Comox Valley, contact us today. We’d be happy to help you find the perfect home in this area. If you have any further questions, don’t hesitate to reach out to one of our staff at RLP Comox. We look forward to working with you soon 🙂 Don’t forget to check out our social media here and check back next month for more park content!

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Comox Houses For Sale are Close to Mount Washington!

Fall has arrived and now is the perfect time to get a jump on Comox houses for sale. Comox houses have lots to offer. Most notably, their close proximity to Mount Washington. And, no, we don’t mean the one in Washington State. Vancouver Island has its very own Mount Washington, equipped with all the amenities you could ever dream of. Only a 23-minute drive from Comox Valley’s city center lies this incredible resort. Living in Comox will provide you with easy access to all Mount Washington’s year-round activities. Everything from hiking to skiing can be done with a home in Comox Valley. Learn more about Mount Washington by reading below!

Comox Houses For Sale & Mount Washington.

Comox houses for sale give homeowners the opportunity to experience a true islander’s lifestyle. Ocean views and fresh powder are two easily experienced things in Comox Valley. It’s not every day that you can go from a long walk on the beach to snowboarding through the trees. But, with Comox Valley homes for sale, this is everyday life! Reinvent what you want your day-to-day to look like. A home in Comox is under half an hour away from shredding the slopes at Mount Washington. Or, sending it down the trails on your favourite mountain bike. Outdoors is the new indoors – we promise 😉 

Slow down your busy life and relish in all Comox has to offer. After all, it is considered one of the most beautiful places to live in all of Canada. There’s no time like the present to get your hands on Comox houses for sale. Start the process now so you find real estate in close proximity to Mount Washington.

Winter @ Mount Washington.

Winter at Mount Washington is always a great deal of fun. ‘Walking in a winter wonderland’ is the only way to describe the feeling at this time of year. Skiers and snowboarders from all over the island and the mainland populate the snow-covered slopes in their colourful gear. The magical feeling of floating down the runs after a good snowfall is unparalleled. 

At Mount Washington, vacationers can enjoy all sorts of winter activities. For those interested in skiing and snowboarding, there are 82 runs to test out. A mix of green runs, blues, and blacks are available for all levels of experience. Also, they have 5 chair lifts and 2 t-bars to get you to every run you desire. Guests have the opportunity to try out all 1,663 ft of alpine terrain and 55km of cross-country skiing routes. 

Furthermore, those visiting the mountain can also go snow tubing. Mount Washington just revamped their tubing park making it even more fun! Their new tubing reservations make it much more enjoyable for ticket holders. Tickets last 1 hour, but there are limited line-ups and lots of opportunities to get the most out of your tubing experience. 

In addition to tubing, people can go snowshoeing or sledding. There are tons of places to strap on some snowshoes and adventure through the trees. Discover the incredible sights to be seen at Mount Washington this winter. The mountain also puts on a special snowshoe and fondue event every Saturday. Snowshoe your heart out and then reward yourself with cheese… and then maybe some more cheese.

Summer @ Mount Washington.

Summer at Mount Washington is epic! The staff has worked incredibly hard to create a place that is enjoyable seasonally. Summertime at the mountain is surely quieter than the winter months; however, that’s not to say it isn’t as fun. It’s a thrill-seekers paradise at Mount Washington in the warmer months. All sorts of adrenaline-inducing activities can be done throughout the summer. 

For instance, the quad bungee trampoline. This awesome amenity lets visitors jump to the highest highs and bounce until they can no longer. Tickets are available on the mountain’s website. Moreover, there is also a newly added, 2.3km zipline that highlights the mountain’s best features. Calling all bikers! There are limitless lift-accessible trails to satiate your mountain bike cravings. These are available for all difficulty levels. 

Buy Comox Houses For Sale Today!

With so many awesome perks to experience, Comox houses for sale are great for anyone! The quick commute to Mount Washington will satisfy all of your adventurous needs. Be sure to visit the Mount Washington website to see everything they have to offer. Contact us at Royal LePage Comox Valley today to start finding Comox houses for sale. You can also check out our social media pages for more information on the latest happenings at our brokerage. We look forward to hearing from you!

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Moving to Houses For Sale in the Comox Valley

Moving to houses for sale in the Comox Valley is a great decision to make. Vancouver Island is the perfect place to escape the gloomy conditions currently experienced in the interior regions of British Columbia. Residents of Comox boast a slow-paced, wildfire-free, and relatively COVID-19 safe lifestyle. Many people are fleeing to the Island for relief after a long summer. It might be time to get your hands on real estate in this area, as more folk opt for an island experience. Don’t miss your chance to snatch up prime houses for sale in Comox Valley. Discover below why British Columbians are relocating to places like Vancouver Island.

Trade smoky skies for ocean vibes with houses for sale Comox Valley.

The fire season in British Columbia continues to ravage forests and cities across the province. Extreme heat and dry conditions are only exacerbating the already out-of-hand wildfires. Interior residents are being forced to evacuate their homes and those who are not evacuated are stuck in cities blanketed by smoke. For many residents, this has been the case for several months now. With COVID-19 restrictions eased in many places in the province, people are migrating to the coast for relief.

Comox Valley and other Vancouver Island cities have remained mostly unaffected by the fires. The moist climate and cool temperatures provide a stark contrast to what many are experiencing in the interior of BC. Purchasing houses for sale in Comox Valley could give you the freedom to escape BC’s next wildfire season. When you choose to move to Comox Valley you’ll be in the position to trade those smoky skies for ocean vibes. The cool ocean air will make you wonder why you didn’t move sooner. Even a summer getaway could be the answer especially if you can’t move to Comox permanently! Get outside and enjoy the outdoors with a house in this area. 

Escape the predicted 4th wave of COVID-19.

The smoky air has been reported to make people more susceptible to catching COVID-19. Interior residents have been advised to limit outdoor activities due to negative health effects. Those with underlying respiratory conditions must air on the side of caution. BC health advisors are predicting a 4th wave of COVID-19 to sweep the province. However, the number of active cases in the Northern parts of the Island, like Comox, appears to be much lower. The interior of BC is experiencing a multitude of COVID cases in combination with poor air quality. At the time of publishing this article, there were only 38 active cases in the North island community Comox. Dissimilarly, the interior has about 5,000 active cases. 

It is clear to see why houses for sale in Comox Valley are becoming more and more popular. The demand for real estate in this area could go up given the conditions across the remainder of the province. Residents are finding Island life to be much more appealing, as they have fewer restrictions, lower active cases, and limited smoke. 

Houses for sale in the Comox Valley – Buy Now!

Living in Comox Valley will give you the escape you need! Enjoy fresh ocean air and clear skies with houses for sale in the Comox Valley. In addition, there are fewer COVID-19 cases in Comox, and as a result, there are fewer restrictions.

For more information contact us at RLP Comox today. We’d be happy to help you find a home that suits your needs. It’s our goal to assist you in achieving your real estate goals. Further updates and news can be found here on our social media. Please reach out at any time, because we look forward to working with you soon!

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Comox Valley real estate FAQ.

Moving into Comox Valley real estate can pose some questions for homeowners. Many of these questions are often asked by first time buyers and sellers. Having all the information can make dealing with a real estate transaction much easier. This is why we created a list of 10 frequently asked questions. Read below to gain a better understanding of buying and selling real estate in Comox Valley, BC.

What is An Escrow?

In relation to buying a home, an escrow is a legal holding account owned by a neutral body to ensure that pre-settled requirements are met. Inside this account would be things like money from your down payment, any deposits made towards the purchase, the deed to the house, and other important documents to be passed to the new owner. In essence, an escrow is just a transitional piece to ensure the transaction goes smoothly between buyer and seller.

What’s a Buyer’s Market?

A buyer’s market is indicated by fewer buyers than homes for sale. The large supply of houses in a buyer’s market makes it easier for people to negotiate. They may also find homes are priced lower and undergo significant reductions from sitting on the market. Talk with your agent about the current market conditions, as they will greatly affect the success of your home buying experience.

What’s a Seller’s Market?

A seller’s market is defined by more buyers than homes for sale. If you find yourself looking for Comox Valley real estate in a seller’s market you may notice higher prices. This is because of the high demand and little supply. Buyer’s have a much harder time finding what they want and negotiating when the market is like this.

Do I need A home Inspection on my Comox Valley real estate?

Getting a home inspection is a very important step of buying Comox Valley real estate. By receiving an assessment of the home you can prevent yourself from buying a poor investment. It may also save you money on repairs and help you to further bring down the asking price if there are significant issues. 

What’s the first step in buying Comox Valley real estate?

The first step to buying any home is to receive a mortgage pre-approval. This will ensure that you view homes that you can afford and make getting a loan much easier when the time comes to make a purchase. It will also give you a chance to view potential rates for your future mortgage. While this doesn’t guarantee you will receive a specific rate, it’s a good starting point. 

How much is my down payment on Comox Valley real estate?

In Canada, your down payment is determined by the price of the home in which you buy and how good or bad your credit score is. For homes 500,000 and below, you can expect to put at least 5% down. Houses between 500,000 and 999,999, require buyers to put a minimum 10% down. And, for a home 1,000,000+ homeowners will need to set aside 20%. These values are the minimum acceptable in Canada and people may need to fork out a larger payment if they have poor credit. 

How many properties should I view?

The amount of properties you view is completely up to you. The more you see, the more likely you are to find the best home for you. Comox Valley real estate has lots of options for every buyer, so searching around is a good idea. For some, finding a home will be a matter of viewing 3 houses and for others it could take 8 or more. Buying a house is a big decision and its important to find one that fits your needs.

Do I need an agent?

You do not need an agent, however, it is very helpful to have the expertise of a REALTOR. While you can buy a home without their help, you might not get the best deal. An agent has specific resources, tools, connections and more to help you find your dream home. They’re also super negotiators and extremely useful when it comes to sorting through purchase contracts and other legal documents. 

For more information on buying Comox Valley real estate contact us today! Someone at our brokerage would be happy to help answer any questions you may have. If you’re interested in one of our listings or would like to view a property, feel free to reach out. We are excited to help you find the home of your dreams! Be sure to check out our social media for the latest updates and more 🙂

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Comox Valley homes for sale – Deciding between open and closed concept housing.

If you’re having a difficult time narrowing down your search for Comox Valley homes for sale, picking between open and closed concept houses might be of help. The difference between the two types of homes provide their own unique perks. Deciding to go with an open or closed plan can help buyers refine their search and ensure they choose a house fit for their needs. Layout makes a big difference depending on factors such as: family members, habits, personal style, and future plans. As we go through the pros and cons of each style of home, keep your needs in mind. This way you’ll be able to form the most appropriate decision on what kind of home you should purchase. 

Pros of open plan Comox Valley homes for sale.

homes for sale in Comox

Having an open-concept home allows homeowners to enjoy a space that flows together from room to room. The minimal walls and corridors permit residents to entertain freely and shift between living room to kitchen effortlessly. There is also an increased amount of daylight because of the lack of walls separating each room. Having lots of natural light can mean a smaller electrical bill, as you won’t need to turn on as many lights. Additionally, if you or one of your family members requires more accessibility, this is the floor plan for you. Rooms are often bigger, meaning residents will feel less confined even in a smaller home. In recent years, having an open concept home is highly sought after and could add more value during re-sale. 

Cons of an open-concept home.

While there are a multitude of pros when it comes to an open layout, there are also some cons. Since the home is essentially one big room, it will be more expensive to heat and cool. This is because many traditional homes have the option to use climate control in each individual space. Less walls also means less insulation in the home. For homeowners with noisy families an open plan might not be for you, as noise travels much more in an open floor plan. There is also less privacy from room-to-room for obvious reasons and the design typically must be consistent throughout the home. Oftentimes, this leaves less opportunity for eccentric interior design. 

Pros of closed concept Comox Valley homes for sale.

homes for sale in comox

In contrast, traditionally planned homes can provide buyers with added privacy in their space. This is especially beneficial if you work from home or enjoy time away from your family. Moreover, the added rooms mean better noise control. For loud families the additional walls may provide some auditory comfort. If you or one of your family members has sensitivity to smells, a closed concept plan can prevent scents from leaking into all rooms of the house. There is added freedom for design and expression as each room is it’s own space. Buyers can really go crazy with the colour in a layout like this. Another pro to buying a traditional style home, is the ability to hide your messes.

Cons of a traditional layout.

Just like an open-concept a traditional home has its cons as well. More walls means a harder time entertaining guests and a separated atmosphere. It also equates to smaller spaces and in small houses can feel cramped. This is bad for people who require an accessible home. There is also less natural light, which means more time spent using light fixtures and electricity.

Picking between the two layouts comes down to personal preference and needs. For more advice on which home style to choose, contact us today. We’d be happy to answer any of your real estate questions. For more information check out our social media here, we look forward to working with you 🙂

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Comox Valley Real Estate for Retirees!

If you’re a retired citizen and are looking for a place to settle down, Comox Valley real estate is perfect for you. The slow-paced lifestyle and relaxing environment makes it a top spot to call home. With a variety of tranquil activities and scenic outdoor escapes, Comox provides the perfect outdoor playground for those looking to fill their retirement with outdoor fun! Enjoy beautiful hikes and calming waters when you make Comox Valley your forever home – we know you’ll love it just as much as us!

Buying a home in Comox as a senior can be tedious. But, there are so many great advantages to having a place to call your own. If you remain realistic about your finances, owning a property at 65 will be easy!

Having your own space as a senior is awesome. It allows you to make modifications to your home as you age and lets you have your own paradise right in your backyard. Comox scenery and a slow-paced lifestyle make the perfect combo for retirees. Another great perk to being the owner of your own home is that you won’t need to worry about rent increases. Yearly increases in rent may cause you unnecessary financial stress or imbalance.

Health Benefits Are Abundant by the Ocean!

There are also a variety of health benefits to living near the ocean. Residing in close proximity to the water has been known to limit stress. Shifting away from an urban setting to a more relaxed lifestyle is a major stress reducer. The tranquility of the ocean waves crashing against the shoreline will instantly bring you peace of mind. With less stress comes a better night’s rest and overall good health. Living in Comox valley real estate will provide a quiet place to unwind. The rural feel to this town means less noise pollution and deeper sleep. The ocean has also been known to boost immunity and improve breathing. 

Watch a quick video on why we think Comox is THE place to be for Seniors!

Contact us today to start finding Comox Valley real estate fit for retirement. We are happy to answer any questions you may have regarding the buying or selling process!

Real Estate in Comox Valley

Why Invest in Real Estate in Comox Valley?

Real estate in Comox Valley provides a serene and peaceful background to your day-to-day living. Residents of the area enjoy their nature filled surroundings. Especially since it provides such a calming ambiance. There are so many perks to living in Comox Valley! But none are as evident as the investment in yourself when you buy property here. With so many outdoor activities, shops and restaurants, and a great working atmosphere, we couldn’t name a better place to call home. This area is ideal for those looking to attain the perfect work and life balance. Join us in living in this beautiful area! Follow along as we go through some of our favourite parts of owning real estate in Comox Valley!

The great outdoors is yours with real estate in Comox Valley!

If you fancy yourself an outdoorsy person, our picturesque location on Vancouver Island will accommodate any and all needs for the wilderness. With every body of water from rivers to ocean, Comox valley has you covered. Enjoy kayaking, floating on the river, paddle boarding, and swimming in the clear waters surrounding the area. Mt. Washington offers a myriad of seasonal activities to keep you busy year round. In the winter you can ski and snowboard down the snowy slopes, and in the summer you can hike, mountain bike, and walk around the various trails this mountain provides. Discover scenic views and lush forests when you adventure to Mt. Washington, or simply explore the land in Comox Valley. There are several falls and hidden swimming holes to explore. Real estate in the Comox Valley allows you to wake up feeling like you’re on vacation in nature. Try walking along one of our awesome beaches or forest trails and observe the wildlife. We are sure you’ll be impressed with mother nature when you visit real estate in the Comox Valley!

The location is truly everything with real estate in Comox Valley.

While nature is surely Comox’s number one perk, location would probably be second on our list. Comox Valley is centrally located on the eastern coast of Vancouver Island. This positioning allows residents and visitors to easily travel between city to city along the Island. As well as, a short commute back to Vancouver and the surrounding areas. Locals can take a two-and-a-half hour drive to Victoria for some capital fun, or head to Uculet or Tofino to surf the Pacific waves. There are several ways to transport from location to destination in Comox Valley. With float planes, an International Airport and ferries, you’ll never be left hanging in Comox Valley – although you might want to be left after seeing all we have to offer 😉 This lovely region is perfect for anyone looking to soak up life on Vancouver Island.

Home is here in Comox Valley.

You will never find a better sense of community than the one in our awesome region. There are so many great people and activities that truly make real estate in Comox Valley feel like home. Many long-time residents know and participate in the various events and organized recreations. From festivals and markets, to sports and restaurants, there is so much to do! Enjoy food, wine and music festivals put on seasonally, or local farmers and crafters markets. Comox has a large sum of recreational and competitive sports teams for kids and adults. Find fun for the whole family when you purchase real estate in Comox Valley. You may find yourself wandering through one of the many shops located in the city centre. Discover world class food, coffee and so much more when you adventure through charismatic Comox! Squash your hunger and dine-in at one of the many restaurants; we have everything from ethnic to comfort food. Our team knows that when it comes to feeling at home, Comox Valley is the expert. 

With so many awesome perks to experience, real estate in Comox Valley is great for anyone! From a homey feel to a serene landscape, there’s no better place to live.

Contact us at Royal LePage In the Comox Valley today to start finding real estate in the Comox Valley. We look forward to hearing from you!