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Home Improvements to Add Value To Comox Valley Properties

Home renovations are a great way to add value to Comox Valley properties. Or, make the space more inviting. However, not all home renovations are worth your time and money. It is important that you choose the right home renovation projects so that you can get a sufficient return on your investment. Because of such high-interest rates, it is expensive to afford home renovations. Materials and lending rates are through the roof. Thus, forcing homeowners to pick and choose their renovation projects. In this article, we will be going over the top renovations that you should make to your home before the year is over. Follow along below to learn more!

Add Space to Comox Valley Properties.

Since the onslaught of the pandemic, buyers are looking for space now more than ever. This means homeowners need to make their properties feel as spacious as possible. Adding outdoor spaces, workspaces, and recreation spaces to your home is a sure way to add value. Any kind of remodel that increases your square footage or gives the illusion of more space, will be a worthwhile investment. 

One of the ways you can achieve this is by creating a home office. If your property doesn’t have a workspace, it is a good idea to add one. Whether you build a detached building on your property or convert a room is up to you. However, there are a lot of folks looking for a home with adequate office space. An in-home office is a great addition that is certain to add value to your property. According to HomeLight, a home office can add over $10,000 in resale value. In fact, if you decide to add a detached office space it can provide about $66,000 in value to your home. 

Another way to add value by making space in your home is to finish your basement. If you have an unfinished basement, you’re practically throwing away valuable space. Take charge and make it your winter project. A finished basement can add $50,000 in value to the asking price of your home. You can leave this space blank or turn it into a gym, office, or lounge area.  

Next, is opening up the floorplan. If your home is dated and feels cramped because of the walls, consider knocking some of them down. Free-flowing space in the kitchen and living areas is essential to buyers. Open layouts are the key to good workflow.

What About the Outside?

Curb appeal and outdoor spaces are another big draw for buyers. A lackluster exterior will make buyers question how you’ve taken care of the interior. Don’t make this mistake! An attractive landscape will entice buyers from the moment they see the property. And, it will give them the idea that your home is well-taken care of. Performing simple tasks such as weeding, cutting the grass, and replanting dead plants, can make all of the difference. 

If you want to take your home’s outdoor areas to the next level, consider hiring a professional. Investing in a rock wall or raised garden beds can help enhance the look and feel of your home. Moreover, adding or re-building a patio in your backyard will provide buyers with more usable outdoor space. This is great for those who want to entertain guests or enjoy the Comox Valley weather. 

Another way that you can add curb appeal to Comox Valley properties, is to get new doors and windows. A bright and bold front door can make a big difference in the overall look of your home. And, it can help improve the home’s energy efficiency. The same thing holds true for windows. Brand new windows on your home not only look great but also help to insulate the home. 

While we are on the topic of doors and windows, consider replacing your garage door. These large features have a big impact on the look of your property. If your neighbours have newly renovated garage doors, consider jumping on the bandwagon. HomeLight has found that a new garage door will give you a 133% ROI. Upgrading your garage door is a simple way to make Comox Valley properties stand out!

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Improving the look of your Comox Valley properties will help you add value to the asking price o your home! By choosing your renovations wisely, you can stand to make a great ROI! If you have any questions about renovating a property in Comox Valley, be sure to reach out to us! We are excited to get your fall real estate goals on track. A property in Comox Valley is a great life-long investment. Don’t hesitate to contact us with any concerns or inquiries about real estate in Comox Valley. Be sure to check back next month for more real estate related content! We look forward to working with you in the near future.

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New Measures in Place for Buying a Comox Valley Property

After a rocky start to the housing market in Canada, many government officials have been working to reduce high-pressure sales. There have been several efforts made in British Columbia over the past few months to combat the scorching real estate market. However, despite their efforts, B.C’s finance minister has declared that there will be another measure put into place that will affect the property market in B.C. In May, there were several recommendations made in an effort to slow the intense competition in the market. Now, one of these measures will be put into effect this coming year. Follow along below to learn more about buying a Comox Valley property with these new measures. 

3-Day Cooling Off Period to be Introduced When Buying a Comox Valley Property.

British Columbia will be implementing a new homebuyer protection period that will go into effect on January 1, 2023. This period has been implemented in order to prevent homebuyers from skipping key aspects of the home buying process. Moreover, this 3-day period will be the first ever introduced in Canada. Government officials are hopeful that the 3-day period will allow buyers the opportunity to have a home inspection, secure financing or take any other steps needed. 

It is evident that many homebuyers have been forced to skip these important steps in order to try and secure a home. Because of how the market has been, the government of British Columbia has decided to take BCFSA’s suggestion to implement a 3-day homebuyer protection period. The plan will help buyers in today’s market and in the future. 

The homebuyer protection plan includes a number of clauses. For example, buyers can still make offers on a home that is conditional on home inspections or financing. Furthermore, there will be a fee for buyers who back out of a deal. The fee will cost $250 for every $100,000. So, a $300,000 property would have a recission fee of $750. 

By giving buyers the opportunity to do their due diligence, officials are optimistic that it will reduce the risk of purchasing the wrong property. This way homebuyers can have an inspection done and avoid purchasing a home that has costly problems. Overall, the protection period is being put into place to ensure that buyers have enough time to make a sound decision on such a life-changing purchase. 

Speculation Tax Expanding to Vancouver Island?

In addition to the announcement of the cooling-off period, there has also been news about B.C expanding its speculation tax to some areas on Vancouver Island. The speculation tax was first introduced in British Columbia in 2018. However, the tax only applied to select municipalities. Come January, the government decided to add six more municipalities that will be subject to this tax.

Speculation and vacancy tax has been designed to help British Columbia turn empty homes into housing for residents. It also ensures that non-Canadians contribute to Canada’s tax system. Specifically those with a foreign income. That being said, most B.C residents are exempt from this tax if their home is their primary residence.  

At the moment, anyone with a vacant residence is required to pay 0.5% of their assessed property value. This increases to 2% for foreigners. The municipalities currently affected by the tax are Kelowna, West Kelowna, Nanaimo, the District of Lantzville, most areas in the Lower Mainland, and Southern Vancouver. 

Once the new year arrives, the provincial government will expand the speculation tax bounds to Lions Bay, Squamish, North Cowichan, Duncan, Ladysmith, and Lake Cowichan. This means that newly affected homeowners will need to declare and claim an exemption for January of 2024. This decision was made in an effort to relax housing markets where pressure was high. 

The B.C finance minister declared that the tax has worked well to help people find places to live. Moreover, the tax aided in lowering the price of the properties. Between 2018 and 2020, there were 18,000 new condo units available for rent because of the speculation and vacancy tax. 

Contact Us Today if you have questions about the new housing rules in Comox!

For more information on these newly added policies on housing in British Columbia, contact us today. We’d be happy to help you find a Comox Valley property that is within your budget. For those who are interested in learning more about real estate in Comox, reach out to us today. We’d be more than happy to help answer any questions that you may have about buying or selling real estate in this area. Let our team of experts help you achieve your real estate goals. We look forward to working with you in the near future!

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Making Your Property in Comox Valley Energy Efficient!

Energy efficiency in your home can help you save thousands of dollars. For most individuals, the costs associated with living in their house account for a large portion of their income. Houses need plenty of maintenance and care in order to remain functional. Making sure that everything is operating accordingly can be a big job. Moreover, if you want to ensure that your home is environmentally friendly, you’ll have to go one step further. Despite the cost of some eco-friendly properties in Comox Valley, there are some inexpensive ways that you can improve the impact your home has on the environment. Going green shouldn’t require months and months of saving. In fact, it’s possible to save the planet on a budget! Most of these changes will even help you save money over time. This is because you will be conserving energy and cutting back on waste! Follow along below to learn about the most inexpensive ways to make your property in Comox Valley eco-friendly.

Have an Energy Audit Done on Your Home. 

Having someone perform an energy audit on your home can help you identify issues that will later save you tons of money. While the initial cost may seem high, having this procedure done is certainly worth the extra cash. An energy audit is a great way to determine what areas of your home need to be more energy-efficient. The procedure is done by an expert, who will test your home for many things. For example, how airtight your home is and use a thermographic scan to find out where you are losing heat. Once you have the results, you can come up with a solution to fix the problem areas. On average, a home energy audit costs between $300 and $500 depending on the size of your home. This may seem like a large amount to pay, but the long-term savings are well worth it. However, if this is still too pricey, there are some DIY solutions that you can try. 

Make Sure That Your Property in Comox Valley is Insulated. 

Insulation is the leading cause of energy efficiency problems in a household. And, most insulation-related issues can be remedied without the help of a professional. While it may not be the most thrilling way to spend your day, fixing your insulation can have many benefits. For instance, higher resale value and lower monthly heating and cooling costs! Commonly, homeowners will neglect to insulate their attic. This is a costly error. Insulating your attic can improve monthly spending on energy bills from 10-50%

Furthermore, those looking to improve insulation can add glaze around old windows. People who are living in older houses should think about fixing any cracked glazing around window panes. Taking the time to fix this can drastically reduce the amount of money you spend on your heating and cooling bills. 

Additionally, you can benefit from using spray foam around exterior windows and doors in your home. Houses with wood siding can develop gaps around the trim of windows and doors which have a negative impact on your home’s insulation. These gaps can be easily filled with spray foam or caulk. The same thing applies to the interior window and door trim. However, these gaps will usually be small enough to fill with caulk. When filling gaps in the interior of your home, be sure to buy caulk that can be painted over!

Save Water With Faucet Aerators!

Faucet aerators are a great tool to help with water consumption. Most modern faucets already have faucet aerators. However, if you see that your faucets don’t have these little gadgets, you may want to consider purchasing some. Aerators make a big difference in the way that your tap operates. For example, they maintain and improve water pressure, minimize the amount of water consumed, shape the stream of the water, prevent splashing, and catch debris. In addition, by adding aerators to your taps you can reduce the amount of water you use by up to 50%. Faucet aerators can be found at any hardware store or online for roughly $4-$8 each. This inexpensive addition will significantly lower your ecological footprint.

Contact Us About a Property in Comox Valley!

Improving the energy efficiency of your property in Comox will help you save money each month! Taking a more eco-friendly route is the perfect way to reduce annual spending and help the environment. If you have any questions about a property in Comox Valley, be sure to reach out to us! We are excited to get your summer real estate goals on track. A property in Comox Valley is an excellent seasonal investment. Don’t hesitate to contact us with any concerns or inquiries about real estate in Comox Valley. Be sure to check back next month for more real estate-related content! We look forward to working with you in the near future.

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About Cumberland BC Real Estate.

Living in Cumberland BC real estate is a quiet place to settle down. Sea-to-sky views and lush green trees are the perfect backdrops to any home. Cumberland has a fascinating history as a former coal-mining town. If you’re looking for a great place to call home, Cumberland BC real estate is the place to move. From large outdoor markets and easy transportation to a one-of-a-kind outdoor playground, a home in Cumberland leaves everyone feeling satisfied. Enjoy the peaceful streets and calm city in this breathtaking town on Vancouver Island. Follow along below to learn more about living in Cumberland.

Location and Amenities

Cumberland is located near the east coast of central Vancouver Island. This incredible village within Comox Valley is close to a variety of outdoor activities. Furthermore, it is a short distance from surrounding areas like Nanaimo and Courtenay. It is also a 2-hour and 40-minute drive to Victoria. 

Cumberland’s incredible location on Vancouver Island makes for a ton of epic amenities that residents can enjoy. For instance, Mt. Washington Ski Resort is only a 30-minute drive from Cumberland! Here, visitors can explore 1700 acres of terrain overlooking Vancouver Island and the surrounding ocean. There are 5 chairlifts and plenty of seasonal activities to be enjoyed. During the summer months, Mt. Washington offers excellent hiking and mountain biking trails.

There is also the famed Strathcona Provincial Park. This park is considered to be one of the biggest attractions for visitors. Over 250,000 hectares of parkland make up Strathcona Provincial Park. The terrain ranges from snowy peaks and rugged trails, to calm lakes and fast-flowing rivers. Hiking at Strathcona is unmatched by any other park in the area. Those who check out Strathcona Provincial Park can hike, cross-country ski, and camp.

If you love being outdoors, then Cumberland is the place for you. There are thousands of trails for you to hike, mountain bike, and ski. You can also hop in the water and paddle along the scenic coast of Vancouver Island or Comox Lake. So much is able to be explored when you live in Cumberland BC real estate. 

Cumberland BC Real Estate is Historic

A long while ago in 1888, Cumberland was founded by a coal baron by the name of Robert Dunsmuir. Originally, the settlement was named after the Union Coal Company and took on the name Union. However, in 1898 the name was changed to Cumberland after the town miners’ homeland in the famous English coal-mining area of Cumberland in England. Cumberland was an active coal mining town until 1966. The town became an integral location for local trade and business dealings. Eventually, the coal industry fizzled out and Cumberland became a calm village. Now residents can visit local museums and Coal Creek Historic Park for a hands-on look at life during the coal mining era. 

Real Estate Opportunities

Cumberland BC real estate has plenty of opportunities for new residents. The predominant housing types in this area are single-family detached homes and townhomes. Most real estate in Cumberland is on the older side, as a third of it was built before the 1960s. However, there have been some houses built between the 1960s and the 1990s. The bulk of the homes in Cumberland has two to three bedrooms. In addition, there are several rental properties in the area. 

The average household income is roughly $53,748. People living in Cumberland are mostly between the ages of 20-64. The majority of the residents in the area have their high school diplomas or college certificate. Cumberland is also home to a few elementary schools and middle schools. However, there are no high schools in Cumberland. Additionally, most residents can walk to and from essential services like grocery stores and pharmacies. 

Transportation Options with Cumberland BC Real Estate 

Getting to and from your everyday destinations is an important part of your daily life. While many people choose to drive, living in Cumberland BC real estate provides a host of other transit options. The city is equipped with buses, bike paths, boat access, float planes, ferries, and more. All to ensure that you arrive at your destination no matter where that may be. You can get from Vancouver Island to the mainland in a number of ways. Cumberland is supported by the BC Transit system which means buses are easily accessible. Even if you choose to go by car, the quiet street makes commuting easy. You won’t ever have to worry about finding a parking spot again! Make the move to Cumberland BC real estate for quick and easy transportation. 

Contact Us About Cumberland BC Real Estate Today!

If you want to learn more about the neighbourhoods in Comox Valley, stay tuned to our blog. Cumberland BC real estate is the perfect place to call home. For those who are interested in learning more about real estate in Cumberland, reach out to us today. We’d be more than happy to help answer any questions that you may have about buying or selling real estate in this area. Contact us now and let our team of experts help you achieve your real estate goals. We look forward to working with you in the near future!

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Comox Real Estate: Economic Drivers in Comox Valley!

If you are looking to move to Comox real estate, it is important to consider the economic drivers within the city. Comox has various economic drivers that can help you create and foster a business. Or, find a job within your interests. The city of Comox and surrounding areas have diverse economies that thrive in industries like tourism, agriculture, and construction. Join the workforce in this gorgeous city today with Comox real estate! Follow along below to learn more about the top three economic drivers in Comox Valley. 

Tourism Near Comox Real Estate.

It should come as no surprise that tourism is one of the leading industries in the city. Comox Valley and surrounding areas on Vancouver Island draw in many visitors from around the world. Over the years, Comox has been making a name for itself as a culinary and adventure destination. This epic city provides visitors with a unique opportunity to experience some of the world’s most spectacular views. For instance, it isn’t every day that you can ski down the mountainside whilst gazing over the pacific ocean. Or, cross-country skiing through one of the world’s oldest forests. Comox also has some of the most scenic golf courses in the country! Tee off overlooking the diverse Vancouver Island landscape. Visitors can mountain bike and hike through the extensive trail systems and paddle along the scenic shores.

No matter what season you visit Comox Valley, the tourism industry will always be booming! This is why tourism is one of the most prominent industries in Comox Valley. In the winter, Mount Washington is always looking for new staff to help with the season. As are various spas, restaurants, and markets. Comox also offers a range of outdoor tours and adventures. These activities can include, fishing tours, marine and wildlife tours, ziplining, hiking, mountain biking, golfing and so much more! 

Whether you are looking for a seasonal job or starting a business, tourism is a great industry to get into. There is a large influx of people that visit Comox each year to experience the unique landscape and thrilling adventures. 

Agriculture in Comox Valley.

Agriculture is another one of Comox Valley’s most popular industries. The humid climate and mild temperatures make for fertile farmland. Agriculture, fishing, and hunting are popular career segues in this area of Canada. Comox Valley boasts an incredible food culture because of its locally sourced goods. Fruits, vegetables, cheeses, yogurts, meats, and seafood are all locally produced, grown, caught, and harvested. Over 400 farms contribute to the agricultural production in Comox Valley. 

Starting a farm or providing your agricultural expertise to a farm in Comox are both viable career options in this area. Produce from your business can be sold at the renowned Comox Valley Farmers’ Market. This market is one of the only year-round markets in the country. People come from all over the coast to visit the vendors at the Comox Valley Farmers’ Market. Here you can find fruits, veggies, local meats and seafood, cheese, fresh pasta, wines, ciders, beers, and crafts! And, the farmers’ market also has an online marketplace for non-locals to access all products and produce. 

Join the Construction Industry With Comox Real Estate!

Construction is a major economic driver in not just Comox Valley but various other cities on Vancouver Island. One in ten workers on Vancouver Island is employed within the construction industry. A large majority of these employees work in manufacturing and the construction of houses. Forestry and logging have been popular job sectors in the past, however, they have faced some challenges in recent times. The demand for new houses has kept many construction companies/workers busy. The industry remains one of the most popular and stable in Comox. Joining the construction industry can provide a wealth of opportunities for you and your business.

Contact Us About Comox Real Estate Today!

Comox has a healthy economy with many opportunities in the tourism, agriculture and construction industries! If you want to learn more about the various economic drivers in Comox Valley, stay tuned to our blog. Comox real estate is the perfect place to start your career. For those who are interested in learning more about real estate in Comox Valley, reach out to us today. We’d be more than happy to help answer any questions that you may have about buying or selling real estate in this area. Contact us now and let our team of experts help you achieve your real estate goals. We look forward to working with you in the near future!

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Summer Activities Near Homes for Sale in Comox!

Are you planning on moving to homes for sale in Comox this summer? If yes, then we have a list of fun summer activities to familiarize you with the town. By participating in some Comox summer fun, you can get to the locals! Make friends and find new favourite hangout spots by exploring Comox Valley. You’ll see why so many people have chosen to move to homes for sale in Comox. Follow along below to discover all of the awesome activities available to you in Comox Valley!

Outdoor Activities Near Homes for Sale in Comox.

Comox Valley is situated in one of the most attractive locations in all of British Columbia. This makes for scenic outdoor adventures and endless summer fun. From ocean views to lush hikes, Comox has it all. Residents of Comox Valley are familiar with the vast number of hiking trails and parks. Each one is popular for its stunning views and well-kept grounds. Some of the hiking trails and parks include Strathcona Provincial Park, Seal Bay Nature Park, Nymph Falls Nature Park, Wildwood Interpretive Forest, Royston Seaside Trail, Comox Marina Park, Miracle Beach and MacDonald Wood Park.

These parks and trails are the perfect places to get outside and do some exercise. For instance,  Strathcona Provincial Park allows visitors to camp, hike, and explore the backcountry. This park offers several kilometres of family-friendly and advanced trails. If hiking and camping aren’t up your alley, grab lunch and have a picnic at one of the aforementioned parks. Oceanside picnicking is sure to provide you with a view you won’t forget. 

Comox also has an extensive number of beaches and outdoor water activities for you and your family to try. Stand-up paddleboarding and kayaking are two popular pastimes in Comox. Try them out at one of the local favourite beaches like Goose Spit Beach, Kye Bay Beach, Miracle Beach Provincial Park, Comox Lake, or Saratoga Beach! Summer in Comox is surely best spent at the beach. Enjoy hours of beachcombing, swimming, kayaking, paddleboarding, and lounging in the sunshine. 

Activities, Markets and Food!

Homes for sale in Comox are close to some of the most incredible daytime activities and food markets. For those who would rather stay in the city, Comox has plenty of recreational opportunities. Residents who want to get a better sense of the town may find it beneficial to go on a tour of their choice. Tours are a great way to get to know the area and meet new people. Comox Valley offers tours of breweries, wineries, distilleries, and culinary hot spots. As well as, local art studios, galleries, and fishing tours. For the more adventurous citizens, there is also the Mount Washington ZipTour, which features ocean and alpine views!

Besides tours, Comox Valley also has nine different golf courses for residents to enjoy. These courses are perfect for all levels of experience. A day of golfing is a fun experience for friends and family. Check out the various golf courses in Comox Valley here

Furthermore, there are also tons of markets and craft fairs to peak your inner foodie. Local produce, handmade items, drinks, and baked goods can be found at the year-round Comox Valley Farmers’ Market. Comox offers a number of markets throughout the season in areas like Cumberland and Courtenay. These include the year-round Saturday market pop-up summer markets, fall markets and winter markets. If you are interested in what vendors will be at the market, check out the vendor location map. The map will be active by 5 pm the evening before the market. This way you can see if your favourite vendors will be attending. Moreover, the Comox Valley Farmers’ Market also offers an online store for citizens to support vendors. 

Buy Houses For Sale in Comox!

Houses for sale in Comox are close to so many summer activities! If you want to learn more about the various activities and seasonal opportunities, stay tuned to our blog. Houses for sale in Comox are the perfect place to spend your summer. For those who are interested in learning more about real estate in Comox Valley, reach out to us today. We’d be more than happy to help answer any questions that you may have about buying or selling real estate in this area. Contact us now and let our team of real estate experts help you achieve your real estate goals. We look forward to working with you in the near future!

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Average Price of Properties in Comox Valley

Over the last few months, real estate prices have continued to grow across Canada. The national average price for a home jumped up more than 20% according to the Canadian Real Estate Association. This left the average price of homes in Canada at a whopping $816,720. The massive increase in demand for more spacious homes and recreational opportunities has gone hand-in-hand with high real estate prices. People are searching for properties that will ensure the highest quality of life while working remotely. A shift in priority to put one’s lifestyle before work is certainly present in today’s economy. If you are interested in learning more about the cost of housing and what’s to come for properties in Comox Valley, Continue reading along below!

Is There Hope on the Horizon for Canadian’s in Real Estate?

The vast increases in price have allowed outside investors to get a glimpse of what the Canadian real estate market currently looks like. Despite the pandemic, real estate costs have continued to skyrocket. The cost at which houses are going for continues to shock real estate agents whose main focus is on selling. Competition is an aggressive element in the present market. Buyers are one-upping each other with steep offers in order to secure a home. 

Thus, putting sellers in an incredible position to make a large profit. Furthermore, the aggregate composite home price index was up 3.5% relative to last year during February. Indicating, that this was the strongest monthly gain on record. All of this is according to BMO Capital Markets’ senior economist Robert Kavcic. 

Prices are going up at an innumerable rate and investors are a key component in the increase in demand. Canadians are now buying presale homes in places far from their current home. 

Fear is yet another factor in high home prices. Hostile bidding wars and a lack of homes on the market are driving up the cost of real estate. People are afraid that they won’t be able to find a suitable place to live once they sell their homes. However, now that restrictions are being lifted in B.C, the question of whether or not people will list their homes for sale is posed. 

For the time being, many Canadian residents are left out of options when it comes to finding real estate. The average Canadian doesn’t have an infinite amount of money to spend on real estate. Moreover, the ability to bid on any given number in order to keep up with other interested buyers is a luxury. It is because of the lack of affordability that many Canadians are faced with a dead-end in their real estate goals.

Trends in Canadian Real Estate Reflective of Comox Valley’s Market Condition. 

The Canadian Real Estate Association predicts that the national average home price will settle around $786,000 at the end of 2022. Which is a 14.3 percent increase year-over-year. For reference, the average price of a property in Comox Valley last month was $814,500. CREA’s predictions are lower than the national average for February of 2022. This is because they believe that the high prices we are currently seeing will drop off by the end of the year. This is an important stat to consider, as it foreshadows balance in the future of Canada’s real estate market.

For buyers who have been patiently waiting for things to drop off, things might start to look up in the coming weeks/months. With new interest rate increases from the Bank of Canada, fewer COVID-19 restrictions, and war in Ukraine, bids are slowing down. Signs of cooling are beginning to surface throughout B.C and other provinces.

Although, it does remain unclear whether or not sellers will ramp up again. Or, remain quiet as we head towards the summer months. Overall, CREA believes that national home sales will end up dropping 8 percent from 2021 this year. This is to be followed by an increase of 2.7 percent in 2023.

Buy and Sell Properties in Comox Valley!

Check out this article by the Comox Valley Record for more statistics on this topic! If you want to remain in the loop with the quickly changing Canadian real estate market, stay tuned to our blog. Properties in Comox Valley are highly sought after given the current conditions. For those who are interested in learning more about real estate in Comox Valley, reach out to us today. We’d be more than happy to help answer any questions that you may have about buying or selling real estate during a time like this. Contact us now and let our team of experts guide you through your real estate goals. We look forward to working with you in the near future!

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January Update on Comox Properties For Sale

The Canadian real estate market continues to break records as prices reach newfound heights. The Vancouver Island Real Estate Board just revealed the latest stats for the month of January. If you’ve been following the trends in Canadian real estate, it should come as no surprise that prices were high and inventory was low. It is unknown for how long the market will remain favourable to sellers. However, many first-time buyers and new families are hopeful that the time will come sooner rather than later. As of now, Comox Properties for sale are experiencing a huge jump in price point.

Active listings of single-family homes were 39% lower than January 2021 on Vancouver Island. In the VIREB report, it is said that the market is so out-of-balance that without a substantial decrease in demand, active listings will not return to a healthy state. While inventory has always been an issue for many British Columbians over the years, it seems it has all come to a head. Given the pandemic and poor planning, many citizens are now left scrambling to find somewhere appropriate to live. 

Comox Pricing and Why Such Steep Costs?

Increasing amounts of time spent indoors is a major factor in why so many people are eager to move out. Finding somewhere with more space is a big draw for current buyers. Moreover, there is rumoured to be an influx of people moving to areas in and around the province for these very reasons. It is also affecting the number of people who are willing to sell their homes and downsize. For instance, the older generations who are now hitting retirement age and refusing to leave their single-family homes. 

The severely low housing stock is causing a crisis for low-income families. As well as other individuals who cannot afford to pay such steep prices for real estate. In Comox Valley, the year-over-year benchmark price jumped up 32%. Thus, making the average single-family home price a grand $814, 500. 5 years ago the same house would be afforded for almost half the cost, at $412,000! Since last January Comox Properties for sale have gone up 31.8%.

Given such steep prices, many people are trying to find other ways to accommodate themselves. Renting, however, appears to be just as expensive as buying to some degree. After a down payment of 5-10%, plus mortgage payments, many people are finding that renting isn’t any cheaper than buying. This leaves minimal options available to anyone who can’t stomach the cost of an $800,000+ home. 

Stay Up-To-Date on Comox Properties for Sale!

If you want to remain in the loop with the ever-changing real estate prices, stay tuned to our blog. Comox properties for sale are hot commodities given the current conditions. For those who are interested in learning more about real estate in Comox Valley, reach out to us today. We’d be more than happy to help answer any questions that you may have about buying or selling real estate during a time like this. Contact us now and let our team of experts guide you through your real estate goals. We look forward to working with you in the near future!

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Transit & Comox Valley Houses For Sale

Getting to and from your everyday destinations is an important part of your daily life. While many people opt for a car, living in Comox Valley houses for sale provides a host of other transit options. The city is equipped with buses, bike paths, boat access, float planes, ferries, and more. All to ensure that you arrive at your destination no matter where that may be. You can get from Vancouver Island to the mainland in a number of ways. Continue reading below to learn more about all the places you can go when you live in Comox Valley houses for sale.

Busing is Available to Comox Valley Houses for Sale!

Comox Valley is supposed by the BC Transit system. As such, the city has a variety of bus routes to get you from A to B in a timely manner. There are 15 bus routes that travel throughout the city of Comox and extend to Cumberland, Fanny Bay, Oyster River, and all neighbouring towns in between these areas. You can also get to Campbell River via the BC Transit buses, however, separate fees do apply. Bus routes 14, 13, 12, and 10 travel mainly outside of the downtown area. The 11 route connects you to the airport and ferry terminal to allow easy access to other transportation methods. You can view the BC Transit schedule and route map for Comox Valley by clicking here. People who are looking to plan their routes or see what the commute times are like can click here.

Residents of Comox Valley can purchase bus passes and bus tickets at many local locations. For instance, pharmacies and drug stores, municipal buildings, and sports and recreation centres. For a full list of the locations and addresses where you can purchase bus tickets and passes click here. The prices to ride the bus varies depending on age, status, and what type of pass you’d like. Bus fare costs $2.00 per person unless you are 12 and under in which case it is free to ride the bus. For seniors and students, a monthly pass is $35.00 and for adults, a monthly pass is $55.00. These are the two most common ways people pay for bus transit. However, there are several other options to finance your public transportation. To view these options, click here.

There is an option for handyDart use which is similar to the community bus. Learn more about the handyDart here.

Cycling is Easy in Comox Valley!

The city of Courtenay in Comox Valley has made an effort to make cycling a safer and more accessible option for transportation. Since 2019, they have been working on long-term plans for more cycling infrastructure to be integrated into the city. This is something they hope to continue to design and implement for the foreseeable future. The public was a major catalyst in starting this endeavour for more cycling infrastructure. $227,665 has been funded through the BikeBC program for the latest two cycling projects. 

These projects include painted cycle lanes, paved and unpaved shoulders, protected bike lanes, and off-street bike paths. This way people can connect their cycling experience with BC Transit to get more places in a safe and timely manner. Not only is this good for those looking to commute around the city, but also for the environment!

The plan includes proposals for river crossings, highway crossings, and parallel routes, and more bike parking options. Moreover, they hope to introduce multi-use pathways to provide space for cyclists and pedestrians alike. Read more about Courtenay’s plan for cycling here.

BC Ferries and Airport Access.

Residents of Comox Valley are not just limited to biking and bussing. There is a ferry terminal in Comox and an airport to help residents get around Vancouver Island and to the Mainland. The Comox (Little River) terminal takes passengers from Comox on Vancouver Island to Powell River on the Mainland. This terminal is a 10-minute drive from the town of Comox. In order to get on your scheduled ferry, you must arrive 30-60 minutes before your departure time. The time you arrive changes depending on whether you are traveling by foot or by car.

Additionally, the Comox airport provides flights to neighbouring cities in Vancouver Island, like Victoria. Furthermore, you can also fly to cities like Vancouver and Edmonton from the Comox Valley Airport, YQQ.

Purchase Comox Valley Houses For Sale Today!

Buy Comox Valley houses for sale today and discover a relaxing life on Vancouver Island. There is so much to be seen and explored in Comox Valley. You can access all of your destinations through public transit and other green methods of transportation. Learn more about the transit options in Comox Valley by contacting us today. We’d be happy to shed some light on your most pressing transportation questions. If you have any inquiries about a home for sale in this area, don’t hesitate to reach out to us!

Our Comox Valley REALTORS® look forward to working with you in the near future.

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At Royal LePage Comox we want to thank our clients for another great year in real estate! 2021 came with lots of surprises and we were happy to have all of you stick with us. Check back next month for more real estate content and information. As always, be sure to contact us with any questions or concerns you may have. We look forward to working with you in the new year. And be sure to follow along with us on Facebook!

Happy holidays to everyone!